Canyon Chipper Day Information

Chipper Day Information 

Taos Canyon Gravel Pit - Mile Marker 259

no limbs over 5”-6” diameter, remove limbs from trunks

no wire, no nails, no lumber  

Please put the butt end out for easy transfer


All uncapped trucks must be tarped or limbs tied with ropes.
If you arrive in a truck that is not tarped, you will not be allowed to unload.  The county employees will unload and do the chipping.
Nothing will be accepted after 2pm
The Dumpster will also be available on this day from 9am-2pm for garbage and trash.  Loads must also be tarped as it is a County regulation.  You will need your County dump card for the dumpster, but not for the chipper.
Spread the word to your neighbors, but be sure to tell them about the rules as well!
A table will be set up with Firewise information and forms that can be filled out to record your hours for all the work you have done on your property. Those same forms are also found on the TCNA website Dont forget to turn them in once filled out by emailing them back to me at [email protected].  
TCNA will also collect any dues ($20) that you might want to drop off since we did not have the Picnic this year.  Part of your dues goes to support RFFD with our annual donation