Club House staff

This summer, we have three great ladies taking on the jobs in the clubhouse. They are mixing up great drinks and fun for homeowners and guests.
 Erica Cobb is the VE Club House manager and her assistants are Sundae Silver and Jordanne Reynolds. Sundae is familiar to us from years past and we’re thrilled to have her back! Jordanne just started and she seems like she’s been with us longer!! When you come in the club house be sure to say hello to our staff. Heck, take a seat and enjoy some food and a drink.

We have Happy Hours scheduled for 5:00 each Friday night.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Sundae Silver (left), Erica Cobb, manager (center) Jordanne Reynolds (right)

Clubhouse Committee Members :  Rosa Lacy (chairperson)

Judy Beglau

Margie Dlabaj

Edie Elkjer

Suzanne Miller

Kathy Yeo

Diane Johnson