FW Land Thinning Grant Information

Updates on Land Clearing Grants

Below is the recording of the Landowner Grant Meeting led by JR Logan at the VE Clubhouse on Wed, 7/26 at 10am.  If you are a landowner that applied for this grant (and received formal notification of approval) but did not attend the meeting in person or virtually on Zoom that day, you are required to watch this recording as the next step in the grant process:



Passcode: H92%yUy?

We recently received information on the Grants that residents in the Valle applied for last year. J.R. Logan updated the following with Ellen Robberson. 

"Valle Escondido and Taos County have secured a $400,000 grant from the State of New Mexico that will be used to thin up to 160 acres of private land in order to reduce the risk of wildfire. Landowners who submitted an application last year should expect to hear from a county representative in late spring, and thinning work in Valle Escondido should begin in late summer/early fall."

If you have any questions on the grants, please contact Ellen Robberson: 469-222-6433  or [email protected]

The selection committee, after determining where funding would be best spent, will notify landowners that applied and also request letters of commitment for joint treatment development of land at that time.